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Karmele Bakery

// Karmele is a bakery and coffee store located in Guadalajara, Mexico. Karmele is well known as a store where you can find quality and tasty products, always have something new and amazing that you want to try. Karmele targets customers like young workers that like something good for breakfast.

UX designer,  from conception to delivery.
Alejandro Ramos
Karemele's Executives
July 2022
The Problem //
The time young workers spend in getting to karmele and buy some baked goods and coffee before office and the limited ways to get the product.
The Goal //
Design an app for Karmele that allows the users to set a time to pick up the product on the way to work and also gives them an option to deliver to their workplace.
Responsibilities //
Conducting interviews, paper and digital wireframing, low and high-fidelity prototyping, conducting usability studies, accounting for accessibility, and iterating on designs.

User research // summary

I conducted interviews and create empathy maps to understand the users I’m designing for and their needs. A primary group identified are working young adults, that have rush mornings and want to eat something sweet and drink before work and they don’t have time to prepare something. They want fast service but products with a high level of quality and taste.

This group confirmed initial assumptions about Karmele customers, but research also revealed that time to get to the store is not the only factor, The users' problems come with challenges to find a parking lot and the time the users wait in line. The users prefer something with high quality vs fast brands, but they need a better way to get products.
Pain Points
Time //
Young workers are in a rush before work to spend time going every day for high-quality products.

Location //
The store is located on the first floor it’s difficult for people with disabilities, they need an alternative to get their products.

Ways to deliver the product //
Users need to find parking to go to the store, and they don't have any other alternative to get the products

Persona //

Natalia is a new software engineer who needs a faster and more practical way to order her breakfast and save time in the morning because She spends too much time in line and getting her favorite breakfast.
Captura de Pantalla 2022-07-16 a la(s) 1
" I enjoy my work and being on time in the morning, I love to be practical"
33 Years
Guadalajara, Mexico.
  •  Balance time in work and life.
  • Time to cook more.
  • Keep learning and growing professionally.
Married and has one cat
Software Engineer
  • "I would like to have enough time to choose something different for breakfast" 
  • When people take much time in choosing something.

User Journey Map //

Mapping Natalia’s journey map shows how useful and practical would be for users an app where they could manage all their needs.

Paper Wireframes //

After a review of various wireframes, I decided to make the design simple to address the users’ pain points.

Digital Wireframes //

Easy navigation only with the necessary options to select their products and avoid wasting time.
Captura de Pantalla 2022-07-19 a la(s) 2

Big buttons to avoid any issue with the experience.

Easy menu to select their products, reader-friendly.

Carousel allows the user to discover new products, offers, and loyalty promos.

Captura de Pantalla 2022-07-19 a la(s) 2

Low-Fidelity Prototype//

The low-fidelity prototype can connect the user through all the app to finish an order, so the prototype could be used in a usability study.

Usability study//

I conducted two usability studies, The first study, wireframes, revealed some aspects that had users confused, I solved those aspects for the mockup. The second study with a high-fidelity prototype revealed that I needed to refine some buttons and steps.
Round 1 findings
1 Users want buttons and options to be clearer.

2 Users need different options to choose between pick-up and delivery service.

3 Users want better confirmation in checkout.
Round 2 findings
1 The checkout screen needs a calendar to know the date of the order.

2 The navigation bar and tab bar need more contrast.


In early wireframes, the buttons confused the users and they didn't know which step was first, checkout or select the delivery option. After the usability study, I removed the buttons and split the steps to avoid any confusion and give the users just one path at a time. The second usability study revealed users want to select dates to buy in advance. To solve this I added a calendar on the same checkout screen.
Captura de Pantalla 2022-07-19 a la(s) 2
Captura de Pantalla 2022-07-19 a la(s) 2

High-Fidelity Prototype//

The final high-fidelity prototype gives a great flow and enough options to complete an order, the users can choose between pick up, and delivery service and choose the date, solving the users’ needs.
- When you start the app as a new user, you have the choice to either create an account or continue as a guest. Each option comes with its own benefits: if you sign up, you'll get special coupons, discounts, and seasonal advantages. On the other hand, if you opt to continue as a guest, you skip filling out forms but still get to enjoy the products. These choices benefit both the user and Karmele, as they both can easily achieve their goals, which is one of the main aims of this app
- The home screen is intuitive, designed to simplify the user experience. It includes main menus and options to view daily deals, aiming to make navigation easier and enable users to place orders quickly and easily, particularly in rushed situations, avoiding delivery delays
- The app was designed to make the checkout process as simple as possible. It presents a clear summary of orders, the total sum of products, and quantity. Then, the order is confirmed, and you can choose between home delivery or pickup. In both cases, you select a time and date, allowing early access to products. Inputting payment details is only necessary for the first purchase, as a profile is created. As a guest, you can pay upon receiving the product
Accessibility considerations //
Used high-contrast text and big buttons to make it easier to read and choose options. With these visual adjustments, the users could navigate easily and don't have any fear of an accidental click error.
Used big pictures with details of the products to make it easy to choose. In addition, the tab bar has high-contrast color icons and they give an easy way to go through the app.
For users with vision impairment, Added options for screen readers. The solution of the big icons and text and color contrast sometimes is not enough for elderly people or users with vision impairment.
Impact //
The app increases the users’ trust and loyalty achieving feeling understood and appreciated. Karmele can give excellent quality and service to their customers and the new users will feel very welcome.

One quote from Karmele’s customer:

“The app has what I wanted a time ago, I could use it several times in the week to have my favorite product on my time”
What I learned //
Developing this project was very exciting, every step of the process was a step closer to the users. the user journey map it’s crucial to understand what users need, the research plan gathers all the pieces and you get a good picture of what is necessary and finally, the usability study reveals everything.

Each project has a new great challenge to solve. Empathizing with users is the key to get great results.
Next Steps //
Conduct another usability study with the same persons to know if their experience improved, and take note of everything, with this step I will realize if the pain points were solved or not.
Design a new page to present subdivision products before the menu page gets too large. It’s important to keep the app simple and easy way to navigate.
Conduct post-launch research to get new data. Gather data every week to determine diverse points and get clear statistics.
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